What's New

Chocolat 3

$15 on Yosemite, free for Mavericks users.

What's new?

  • Yosemite support.
    Chocolat 3 supports OS X Yosemite. Not much to say here...
    I did go to the trouble of disabling some of the gratuitous animations and other distractions.
  • Faster sans GC.
    Garbage Collection is no more. I rewrote the whole of Chocolat to use Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) instead.
    While the primary aim of this was to future-proof Chocolat, it had the happy effect of making everything faster.
  • Process-Separated API.
    Mixins (plugins) now each run in a separate process. Even if a mixin crashes, it's now much harder for it to bring the whole of Chocolat down with it.
    Because of this change, we were able to update the API to use the latest stable node: 0.10.x. That means mixins get experimental ES6 support and a whole load of other goodies.
  • Git Gutter. Shows the changes you make, relative to the last Git commit.
    Green: added. Orange: modified. Red: deleted.
  • CSS live preview.
    Web preview updates CSS as-you-type. Even if it's in a separate file. There's no need to save to see changes.
  • Wrap guideline. Padding at the bottom of the editor.
    You can set either with View › Margin Preferences.
but wait, there's more…
  • Proper callback function completion in JS.
    Chocolat is now able to insert anonymous functions when code completion is invoked for functions that take a callback. Previously it would get really really confused.
    Great news for node.js users, as you can imagine.
  • Multicursor works with text actions such as uppercase, reverse, indent, etc.
    Also: turned off code completion when in multicursor mode, instead of having them duke it out.
  • cmd-alt-dot (insert closing tag) is back!
    For those who don't know,
    <b>bold| +  ⌘⌥·  →  <b>bold</b>|
  • It was previously out of action due to Apple's update to Ruby 2. Missed you, buddy.
  • esc-completion matches case properly.
    A bugfix.
  • Git Tower shortcut.
    Right click on a folder and select Open in Git Tower.
    You need to have the gittower CLI installed.
  • Errors and Warnings window.
    You can now see a list of all errors and warnings in the file. ctrl-cmd-E
  • Double click an error to Google it.
  • Rust and Swift support.
    Aside from syntax highlighting, Rust gets live errors too.

Everybody who bought Chocolat from August 1st onwards gets a free upgrade.

Chocolat (com.chocolatapp.chocolat) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Chocolat 3.0. The most popular version of this application used by our users is Chocolat 0.0.57.

Default Install Path: /Applications/Chocolat.app

Minimum OS version: 10.6.0