What's New

HWSensors 6.6.1274 (Binaries)

  • Feature  HWMonitor: complete support for SMART sensors based on information provided by IDE driver
  • Feature  HWMonitor: added more naming options to be used as a title or subtitle for drive sensors in popup window
  • Feature  LPCSensors: added Asus X79-DELUXE profile
  • Change  LPCSensors: added support for CPU internal GFX voltage key different from main GPU key. Restore previously removed integrated GPU voltage keys form affected profiles.
  • Bug Fix  HWMonitor: fixed an issue when menubar icon was hidden after program restart if "Continue to monitor sensors in background" option has been selected
  • Bug Fix  HWMonitor: popup window auto-resizing issues, better 10.8 support, and other general fixes

HWSensors 6.5.1255 (Binaries)

  • Feature  HWMonitor: Added an option to use volume names as a drive name
  • Change  Installer: Installer now doesn't use root:wheel permission for HWMonitor.app instead use installation folder permissions
  • Change  HWMonitor: Italian localization improved, localized credits (by Matteo Gaggiano)
  • Bug Fix  HWMonitor: Fixed an issue with animation artifacts in fan controller
  • Bug Fix  HWMonitor: Fixed an issue when fans provided by FakeSMC were replacing fans with the same key name provided by AppleSMC

HWSensors 6.4.1220 (Binaries)

  • Feature  HWMonitor: added possibility to change fan speed range for fan controllers
  • Feature  GeforceSensors: Added support for Maxwell chipset. Better support for PWM sensors for Kepler and Maxwell chipset
  • Change  LPCSensors: GPU sensors definitions removed from config of various mobos, still can be added back 'GPU Core' voltage sensor and 'GPU Die' temperature sensor
  • Change  FakeSMCKeyStore: Removed key writes anti-spam timings restriction allowing to write flag keys without issues
  • Change  LPCSensors: fan RPM range extended up to 6000rpm
  • Change  LPCSensors: restore manual fan speed after wake from sleep. HWMonitor will not restore fan speed after wake from sleep leaves this action to SMC
  • Bug Fix  Hot Fix for 1218: fixed IOUserClient regression preventing HWMonitor to communicate with FakeSMCKeyStore and ACPIProbe
  • Bug Fix  HWMonitor: fixed bug with drive S.M.A.R.T. attribute overrides not properly loaded if supported firmware specified causing program stuck at startup
  • Bug Fix  HWMonitor: Minor bug fixes, numerous UI tweaks and improvements

HWSensors 6.3.1211 (Binaries)

  • Bug Fix  HWMonitor: Fixed various bugs in fan controller; extensive updates while moving sliders and other logical and architectural mistakes

HWSensors 6.2.1210 (Binaries)

  • Bug Fix  HWMonitor crash at startup fixed
  • Change  HWMonitor: Manual fan control algorithm tweaked
  • Change  HWMonitor: Minor UI tweaks

HWSensors 6.2.1207 (Binaries)

  • Bug Fix  HWMonitor: Restore fan control speed even if no input source specified
  • Change  HWMonitor: Various UI tweaks and improvements
  • Change  Bump minor version every release
  • Change  Refactoring

HWSensors 6.1.1188 (Binaries)

  • Bug Fix  HWMonitor: hot fix for crash at startup in some cases
  • Change  HWMonitor: minor UI tweaks

HWSensors 6.0.1178 (Binaries)

  • Change  CPUSensors: CPU frequency has now 2 sensors, average and instant
  • Change  HWMonitor: Check fan speed every 5 minutes and force it to current level speed if it's not equal
  • Change  HWMonitor: More responsive fan control
  • Change  HWMonitor: Various color theme tweaks

HWSensors 6.0.1164 (Binaries)

  • Change  HWMonitor: various color theme tweaks and improvements

HWSensors 6.0.1160 (Binaries)

  • Feature  HWMonitor: added attribute status indicators to SMART report popover (greeen - status is ok, yellow - value is becoming equal to threshold, red - value is lower then threshold, gray - value cannot be compared towards threshold)
  • Feature  LPCSensors: added P8Z77-V profile (linked to P8Z77-M)
  • Feature  CPUSensors: frequency sensor now shows average frequency. Measuring CPU active frequency as suggested in Intel's whitepaper. Measurement resolution depended on how frequently sensor being updated via HWMonitor or other monitoring software
  • Change  CPUSensors: reworked with better optimizations and refactoring
  • Change  HWMonitor: added back original red thermometer icon
  • Change  HWMonitor: get back slide animation while inserting/removing sensors
  • Change  HWMonitor: prefs window artwork tweaked
  • Bug Fix  HWMonitor: show up SMART attribute failure notification only for pre-failure attributes

HWSensors 6.0.1148 (Binaries)

  • Bug Fix  HWMonitor: hot fix app crash when enabling/disabling fan controller

HWMonitor (org.hwsensors.hwmonitor) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is HWMonitor 1274. The most popular version of this application used by our users is HWMonitor 2.3.20.

Default Install Path: /Applications/HWMonitor.app

Minimum OS version: 10.6

Copyright: Copyright (c) 2012 mozo. All rights reserved.