What's New

New in Version 1.4.4 Release Candidate 1 (606)

  • Update Japanese localization (thanks toshi)
  • Some smaller fixes

New in Version 1.4.4 Beta 11 (605)

Please only use with copies of your files.

  • Fix update of preview after restoring the document
  • Save lastChange always as GMT. This will solve problems with version control if files are used in different time zones.
  • Some improvements for Yosemite
  • Fix some problems with import of font files
  • Fix 'Remove Features' parameter

New in Version 1.4.4 Beta 10 (603)

  • Fix python wrapper
  • Improve GUI for Yosemite

New in Version 1.4.4 Beta 9 (602)

  • Fix remove overlap (broken in 601)
  • Fix manual input of zoom size in edit view
  • Don’t copy the python wrapper into the Script folder. This was introduced in 601 to protect the code signature.

New in Version 1.4.4 Beta 8a (601)

  • Fixed code signing for MacOS 10.9.5 and 10.10
  • Fix some UFO problems (bring it to the same level as Glyphs2)
  • Some smaller fixes

New in Version 1.4.4 Beta 7 (599)

  • Fix anchors in copy pasted glyphs
  • Fix some problems with TTF export
  • Fix Offset Paths for single lines
  • try to fix problems with Wacom input

New in Version 1.4.4 Beta 6 (597)

  • Fix a problem with scaled components introduced in 596 (thanks claus)

New in Version 1.4.4 Beta 5 (596)

  • Fix the gray glyphs (changed) after opening a font.
  • Fix reading/writing of the angle of guides
  • Fix some names in the language groups

New in Version 1.4.4 Beta 4 (595)

  • Fix the export of Multiple Master files to ufo.
  • Added an option in the ufo export dialog to convert to production names.
  • improve handling of anchor on export to TrueType.
  • Increase the maximal size of the layer panel
  • Updates to the arabic GlyphData
  • Some smaller fixes.

New in Version 1.4.4 Beta 3 (592)

  • Try to fix a crash on export.
  • Automatically calculate contextual iMatra substitution and some more fixes for Devanagari (thanks rob)
  • Fixed a lot Arabic glyphs data (thanks iSkyFalConS)
  • Fix Thai export (thanks linda)
  • Small update to the python wrapper for custom parameters.
  • Improve the decomposition of the nested components for TrueType export
  • Some smaller fixes.

New in Version 1.4.4 Beta 2 (588)

Please only use with copies of your files.

  • Fixed a bug introduced in 587. It could crash while copy pasting.

New in Version 1.4.4 Beta 1 (587)

  • Fix a few smaller bugs

New in Version 1.4.3 (584)

  • Fix a rounding problem on export (thanks james)
  • Fix the import of the italic angle (thanks james)
  • Fix crash CJK text input (thanks tosche)
  • Fix the crash after export in the background
  • Improve the handling of the glyphOrder on exporting TrueType
  • Fix reading of fonts with fractional coordinates (thanks linda)
  • Add ruble sign to glyph data
  • Add Georgian glyphs to glyph order
  • Fix thai mkmk feature
  • Fix some smaller issues with the python wrapper
  • Add color selector to context menu of the text tool
  • Fix some small issues with language groups in the sidebar
  • Fix tabbing in dialogs
  • Fix sorting of glyphs with suffixes
  • Fix sorting order for arabic and display of mark cloud (thanks pascal)
  • Fix legacy names of comb accents (thanks christoph)
  • Fix problems with none ASCII chars in feature code
  • Fix space bar issues with Wacom attached
  • Improve error reporting for loading plugins
  • Increase the distance to select paths with double click (closes #0000073)
  • Sync content of background if LSB is changed
  • Generate a titl-feature for glyphs with a ".titl" suffix. (closes #0000277)
  • Add lines spaces ("\n") to sample texts.
  • Use better icon for the arabic section in the sidebar (thanks pascal)
  • Do not deselect the paths on moving an open path (fixes #0000128)
  • Add "italicAngle" and "Grid Spacing" custom parameter (closes #0000301, #0000281)
  • Fix export of fonts with disablesAutomaticAlignment (thanks christoph).
  • Add alternate code for Ldot (ligatures L_periodcentered_L.loclCAT) (closes #0000295)
  • Fix some other issues with the feature code generator.
  • Fix when generating instances, some of the new fonts present a "Do you want to save" window on close. (fixes #000096 )
  • Fix calculation in metrics keys
  • Fix several issues with UFO files.
    • Fix export of kerning and classes to .ufo
    • Use ufo3 glif name algorithm
    • Allow names anchors
    • Fix several problems with the content of the lib
    • Fix export of kerning classes to .ufo
    • Fix problem with locked .ufo
    • Fixed a small problem with data saved to .ufo files.
    • Fix .ufo export of flipped and rotated components
  • Fix master switching (by cmd+1..x) for Czech keyboards.
  • Improve do component from selection. Now all masters are processed.
  • Fix issues with background images, including the "jumping problem"
  • Fix the drag drop reordering of layers in the layer panel
  • Fixed a small problem with the Offset Paths filter.
  • Fix "Add missing symbol glyphs" problem with euro/Euro
  • Fix glyph order if production names are not used
  • Reduce the threshold to detect flat paths. This preserves more details at small structures.
  • Improve the handling of custom parameters in instances and masters.
  • Improve the glyph definition of tcaron, lcaron and gcommaacent.
  • Fix some undo problems with global guidelines (thanks claus)
  • Fix several crashes
  • Fixed some memory problems.

New in Version 1.4.2

  • Add "Swap with Background" command
  • Fix aligning of offcurve nodes
  • Changed the Draw Tool behavior. If the paths ends with a line and you click drag one the last node, it will not convert the line into a curve. I need feedback if this solution is welcome.
  • Improved handling of anchors from decomposed components
  • Fix the export of glyphs with upper plane unicodes
  • Fix Clear command in Font View
  • Fix snapper problem in draw tool
  • Fix several crashes
  • New in Version 1.4.1

    • Fixed the printing in the font view
    • Fixed an problem with the import of .otf fonts (introduced in 542)
    • Fixed non latin chars in custom parameters (thanks monokano)
    • Fixed right to left text mode (thanks ilia1)

    • Improved the arabic font info and sidebar groups (thanks pascal)
    • Fixed a crash with reordering masters in Font Info.
    • Fixed a problem with CID keyed fonts and less then 100 glyphs
    • Fixed an issue with PhotoFont export (thanks edgar)
    • Fixed a crash with images.
    • Fixed some smaller issues found in 1.4

    New in Version 1.4

    • Many performance and stability improvements, and many small fixes (thanks craig, jan, claus, jeff, rob, and many others)
    • Fixed a number of minor UI glitches (thanks george)
    • Simplified the Preferences window
    • Fixed and improved import and export of OTF, TTF, and UFO
    • Improved error reporting with interpolation, instance generating and exporting
    • Added basic import of Mac Type1 fonts (no kerning and almost no font info)
    • Improved export of CID fonts (still some issues)
    • Accidental overwriting of an opened font file is prevented
    • Fixed and improved QuickLook display, now also supports UFO and VFB
    • New: System Services for conversion from production names to nice names and back (see http://www.glyphsapp.com/tutorials/system-services/)
    • Improved the help files and added more help buttons
    • New: incompatibility warning (red triangle or bar) is suppressed if all instances match a master
    • Fixed many undo problems
    • Fix several rounding errors
    • New: layer panel is resizable
    • Fixed some issues with the Dimensions and the Layer panel (thanks claus)
    • New: grid can be smaller than one (when subdivision is bigger than grid step)
    • New: Font Info window now shows font name in its title
    • New: after adding a new feature, its name field is active for editing
    • Fixed some issues with automatic update of features and language systems (thanks craig, göran)
    • Fixed typing bug and the missing line numbers in the text field of features
    • Fixed duplicating masters by option-dragging in the font info-master list.
    • Fixed properly export GDEF table (thanks miguel)
    • New: Custom Parameter "Compatible Name Table" exports a legacy name table as expected by some Mac apps (e.g. Quark XPress, FontExplorerX)
    • New: "EditView Line Height" Font Custom Parameter
    • New: Instance Custom Parameters "Keep Overlapping Components", "Remove Features", "CompatibleNameTable", "GlyphsAddExtremes", "fileName"
    • New: Instance Custom Parameter "Save as TrueType" to always export instance as TrueType regardless of what is selected in the export dialog
    • New: Instance filters have an include/exclude parameter now; add "include:" or "exclude:" and space or comma separated glyph names
    • New: the Transformations filter is partially available as a Custom Parameter: RSB, LSB and width (e.g. "Transformations;LSB:-20;RSB:+20;include:A" )
    • Improved: "RemoveOverlap" can now handle a larger number of paths
    • Fixed interpolation of Master Parameters (#0000216)
    • >FONT VIEW
    • Fixed and improved copying and pasting of glyphs
    • Fixed creation of glyphs from categories in Font View
    • Fixed zooming with keyboard shortcuts in Font View
    • New: Annotated glyphs now show a little icon in Font View
    • Fixed display and positioning of images in Font View
    • Fixed clipping in Edit View and Preview
    • Fixed Offset Paths preview in the Edit View
    • Fixed update of the feature popup in Edit View
    • Fixed preview of open path components in the Preview
    • Fixed display of image scaling values in info box
    • Fixed and improved the handling and display of guidelines (thanks eliason, DTF)
    • Fixed some problems with the measurement tool
    • New: drag the measurement tool and press 'G' to make a new guideline
    • New: center alignment for guidelines
    • New: alignment of more than one anchor (#0000205)
    • New: anchor coordinates are displayed in measurement mode
    • New: context menu "Show all glyphs that contain this glyph as component"
    • New: "Clear Background" command (open the Layer menu and press the Opt key)
    • New: "Select Next/Previous Sample String" in the Edit menu for adding shortcuts in System Preferences if needed
    • New: Edit > Show all Masters adds all masters of the active glyphs in the Edit View
    • New: Metrics keys are now a per layer setting.
    • New: "=|" metrics key for opposite site of the same layer
    • Fixed calculation of metrics keys with minus sign (thanks tim)
    • Fixed the deletion of filtered kerning pairs
    • New: Kerning panel filter option "Selected Glyphs" only shows the kerning that contains at least one of the glyphs selected in Font View
    • Fixed Update Metrics for copied layers
    • Fixed and improved auto align (thanks opentype and jan)
    • Fixed a rounding issue with components (thanks ralph)
    • New: option to disable automatic alignment of components in Font Info > Other Settings and in Preferences.
    • Improved the handling of rotated and mirrored components
    • Fixed rotated components in .ufos (thanks miguel)
    • Improved handling of hints and anchors (thanks ralf, jan)
    • New: Add an "origin" anchor to a component if you need to align it to a selection
    • Improvements for Cyrillic and Devanagari
    • Huge improvements to the Arabic support: improved Glyph Info, sorting order, automatic features, font export, ligature handling (thanks ralph, peter, iSkyFalConS, andreu)
    • Improved feature generation for Japanese font (not yet fully supported for CID fonts)
    • Improved RTL and vertical layout, and display of cursive attachment (thanks aayel)
    • Fixed sorting of small caps with another suffix (e.g. i.sc.ss01)
    • Fixed decomposition of tcaron (use caron.alt) and Dcroat
    • Improved the Python wrapper and documentation (thanks jan, see http://docu.glyphsapp.com/)
    • New: layer.cutBetweenPoints(P1, P2) to Python wrapper, equivalent to the scissors tool
    • New: scripting wrapper for custom parameters (thanks jan)
    • New: folder aliases in the Scripts folder

    New in Version 1.3.25

    • Fix the update of the feature popup in edit view
    • Fix the QuickLook plugin (display components)
    • Some performance improvements and small fixes

    New in Version 1.3.24

    • Fix zooming by keyboard in Font View.
    • When adding a new feature, the name field is active for editing.
    • Fix typing in new features.
    • Fix error reporting with instance generating and exporting.
    • Fix some interpolation problems (thanks jan)
    • Fix calculation of metrics key maths with minus sign. (thanks tim)
    • Fix the QuickLook plugin.
    • Add =| metics key for opposite site of the same layer.
    • Increase the number of paths that removeOverlap can handle.
    • Improve performance with many components in a glyph.
    • Fix problem in TTF export
    • Add custom parameter "Compatible Name Table". This exports the name table like makeOTF did a few years ago. Some Mac apps (Quark, FontExplorerX) expect it that way.
    • The preview Offset Paths previews all glyphs in the edit view.
    • Make the layer panel resizable.
    • Add context menu "Show all glyphs that contain this glyph as component"
    • Improve the handling of global guidelines
    • New: drag the measurement tool and hit 'g' to make a new guideline
    • Add "EditView Line Height" font custom parameter
    • Add the option to add aliases of folders to the Script menu. This helps keeping them under version control.
    • Fixed the deletion of filtered kerning pairs
    • Fix ttf export of transformed components
    • Fix problem with spaces in custom parameter filters
    • Fix a crash on export. (thanks craig)
    • Finally fix the empty filter dialog problem
    • Performance improvements for the Preview with bracket layers and filters (thanks jan)
    • The Transformations filter is partially available as a custom parameter filter. It supports RSB, LSB and width. (e.g. Transformations;LSB:-20;RSB:+20;include:A )
    • Fix crash in the feature generator (thanks jeff)
    • Prevent the overwriting of opened font file that could happen in some cases
    • Instance filter have a include/exclude parameter now. Add "include:" or "exclude:" plus space or comma separated glyphs names
    • Fix crash on export (thanks claus)
    • Basic import of MacT1 fonts (no kerning and almost no font info)
    • Improve export of CID fonts (still some issues)
    • Improve type to select in font view (thanks thomas)
    • Add idotaccent to language group
    • Fix tcaron decomposition (use caron.alt)
    • Add "Clear Background" command (open the Layer menu and press the option key)
    • Add "select Next/Previous Sample string" to the menu. Add shortcuts in System Preferences if needed.
    • The incompatibility warning (red triangle or bar) is not shown if all instances match a master
    • Draw open paths from components in the Preview
    • Show font name in the title of the Font Info window
    • Several improvements to arabic glyph info
    • Fix small rounding issue with components (thanks ralph)
    • Fix sorting of small caps with another suffix (e.g. i.sc.ss01)
    • Tab key should work in Offset Paths dialog now
    • Performance improvements in the QuickLook plugin
    • Huge improvements to the arabic support. Improved Glyph Info, Feature generator and font export. (Thanks ralph, peter, iSkyFalConS)
    • Fix a bug writing to .glyphs files. None Ascii letters where not properly escaped and to many quotes where used. This will change files quite a lot.
    • Improvements of the .ttf export. More components are preserved.
    • Add Custom Instance Parameter "Keep Overlapping Components". This preserves components in Glyphs like Ccedilla.
    • Add Custom Instance Parameter "Save as TrueType" to always export instance as TrueType regardless what is selected in the export dialog.
    • Add system services for conversion from production names to nice names and back (glyphsapp.com/blog/system-services/)
    • Improved handling of hints and anchors. (thanks ralf)
    • Metrics keys are now a per layer setting.
    • Fix measurement tool. It did show wrong intersections.
    • Fix typo in documentation (interpolationWeightY > InterpolationWeightY) (thanks jakob)
    • Add layer.cutBetweenPoints(P1, P2) to python wrapper. This is using the scissors tool to cut a line in the layer.
    • Fix open paths in .ufo files
    • A lot smaller bug fixes and improvements

    New in Version 1.3.23

    • Fix export of Multiple Master files as ufo.
    • Fix the lines numbers for real this time
    • Fix error reporting on export
    • Improve the glyph name handling for arabic ligatures
    • Fix clipping in edit view and preview
    • Add scripting wrapper for custom parameters (thanks jan)
    • Fix some crashes

    New in Version 1.3.22

    • fix database that caused all kind of problems
    • fix cut off guidelines
    • actually fix typing in feature panel that was introduces in 1.2.21 beta2

    New in Version 1.3.21

    • fix several undo problems
    • fix typing in feature panel that was introduces in 1.2.21 beta2
    • do not scroll to the top after pasting and deleting glyphs (thanks george)
    • add command to add all masters of the active glyphs in the edit view. (Edit > Show all Masters)
    • fix update of feature code after removing a feature (thanks eliason)
    • double click a glyph name with a period, only selects to the period (thanks eliason)
    • fixed a problem with the trial period
    • Generate features for Japanese font (not jet fully supported for CID fonts)
    • improve vertical layout
    • fix .ufo export of single master files
    • fix sorting of alternate smallcap glyphs (like a.sc.ss01)
    • add new Instance custom parameters (Remove Features, CompatibleNameTable)
    • fix some problems with undo
    • some more bug fixes and improvements

    New in Version 1.3.20

    • Add Add Extremes Filter to instance custom parameters
    • Add fileName to instance custom parameters
    • add a filetype and icon for ttx files
    • fix some problems with exported .ufos (thanks daniel)
    • fix some issues with guidelines (undo, update...) (thanks eliason, DTF)
    • add center alignment for guidelines
    • gray out unsupported custom parameters in Master settings (like in font and instances)
    • Fix problem with misplaced anchors causing problems on export to .otf
    • fix export .ufo problems. If two single master fonts where exported the second would have incorrect font info and empty glyphs. (thanks danielperraudin)
    • improve display of cursive attachment. It works correctly in both the edit view and the preview now (thanks aayel)
    • fix dlig feature generation. (thanks göran)
    • fix interpolation of custom parameter of FontMaster. (fix #0000216)
    • add alignment of more than one anchor (fix #0000205)
    • show coordinates of anchors in measurement mode
    • Remove the delay in the select glyph dialog (finally)
    • New filter option in Kerning panel: "Selected Glyphs". It only shows the kerning that contains at least one of the glyphs selected in Font View
    • fix update metrics for copied layers
    • fix problems with unusual ligatures
    • enable the grid to be smaller than zero by allowing the subdivision to be bigger than the main grid
    • improve the python wrapper and documentation (thanks jan)
    • fixed a problem with saved ufos if they had to many alignment zones (thanks George)
    • fix path direction for mirrored components
    • improve auto align (thanks opentype) and fix bug with disabling it form the context menu(thanks jan)
    • fix cyrillic names
    • changed handling of ligature names.
    • Fix width of edit view in RTL mode (thanks nirtober)
    • Fix ghost glyphs after changing the side barearings of some glyphs
    • improve the Services to change glyph names to unicode and back
    • fix copy paste of glyphs
    • add an option to disable automatic alignment of components per font and in Preferences.
    • improve the reading and writing of .ufos. There are less differences in the files now.
    • improve the handling of rotated components. (fix interpolation and add a rotation field to the info box)
    • improve the help files and add some more help buttons in font info
    • glyphs with annotations show a little icon in font view
    • fix some crashes in MacOS 10.6
    • add a "origin" anchor to a components if you need to align it
    • fix update of LanguageSystems entry in font info
    • fix a crash on saving a ufo in Snow Leopard
    • fix loading and saving of ufo (mostly lib data, and glyph order is preserved if "Keep glyph names …" is checked in preferences)
    • Some performance improvements
    • fix an issue with the offset path filter. (was affecting the preview offset)
    • fix some issues with the dimensions panel
    • Fixed the Layer panel (thanks claus)
    • Fix grid set to 0 after export.
    • Fix create Glyphs from categories in font view again.
    • Fix crash on export to .otf
    • Fix display of scaling values in Info box for images
    • Fix tabbing in Offset Paths filter
    • Fix create Glyphs from categories in font view.
    • fix grid subdivision bug (thanks lucasleo)
    • Add .ufo and .vfb Quicklook plugin
    • fix problems with rounding on export (thanks rob)
    • fix saving of ghost hints (thanks jan)
    • rearrange the preference window
    • Fix export of text in custom properties (thanks david)
    • Fix positioning of images in font view.
    • fix some font info properties in ufo im/export
    • improve the im/export of font info in .otf
    • Fixed the export problem introduced in 1.3.18.
    • Fix problems in MacOS 10.6 and 10.8.
    • Improve glyph info and ordering for devanagari.

    New in Version 1.3.18

    • Fixed an issue with font info on export.
    • Double clicking a selection of glyphs is possible again.
    • Fixed an issue with the "Select Sample Text" Window. (thanks sebastian)
    • Add a warning on export if there is a illegal glyph name.
    • keep glyph order and all unicodes for some .ttf files (if set in preferences).
    • Changed: The key combination for the interpolate nudge function has changed. Now you always have to hit Ctrl+Opt. The Ctrl key alone disables the snapping.
    • Fixed the export of kerning exceptions. (thanks jan)
    • Support for vertical layout. This is not finished yet and has some problems (e.g. cursor movements).
    • Support for vertical kerning and metrics.
    • Fixed Arabic layout (thanks Sylvain).
    • Display other glyphs in Font Info > Masters/Instances if the default glyphs are not present.
    • Fixed an interpolation issue with a lot of masters (Thanks Christoph).
    • Fixed a crash in the Remove Overlap filter if there are too many paths in the glyph.
    • Improved scrolling in Font view.
    • Fixed drag selection in alternates (thanks Eames).
    • Improved the Select Glyphs panel. Significantly reduced the delay.
    • Fixed Select next/previous character for the upper Unicode plane.
    • Improve automatic anchor placement for italic fonts.
    • Components can be locked now to prevent accidental repositioning.
    • Improved the handling of CJK fonts. Still a lot of work to do.
    • Reduced rounding errors in exported fonts.
    • Updated the QuickLook plugin. It does not need to be installed anymore. This re-enables it for the App Store version.
    • Added "openTypeNameCompatibleFullName" to the list of supported custom parameters in the Instance.
    • Improved the importing of fonts. More metadata is read. This solves a lot of problems with some fonts.
    • improved double click handling in font view and text tool. (thanks jan)
    • Several performance improvements, mostly concerning import and export.
    • Fixed the metrics synchronization for additional layers (thanks Christoph).
    • change the algorithm to align components. It is a bit more flexible now.
    • import kerning classes from another .glyphs file.
    • Improved the "Family Alignment Zones" custom property (Font).
    • the "smallCapHeight" custom parameter (Master) will be used to generate alignment zones and as xHeight for small cap glyphs.
    • improved rendering of components with only open paths
    • show the background on all glyphs, not only the active if a anchor is selected
    • improved the Glyph Info Window. Show a small preview and add a button to add the selected glyph to the font.
    • Use tonos instead of acute for greek composites.
    • Improved the preset lists for arabic and devanagari. They are both not jet finished.

      New in Version 1.3.17

      • Support for importing .ttc files.
      • updated the italian translation. (thanks jan)
      • Find Glyphs and Select Component panels have preview now.
      • Fix a crash after closing a tab
      • Fix a crash on export to .otf
      • The tools with different modes show a small triangle and you can toggle with shift + the trigger.
      • Improve the quality of exported .ttf files.
      • The grid can be subdivided now. (font info > Other settings)
      • Improved the rendering of the grid.
      • Drag reordering of custom parameters of the font.
      • If you have a accent with a ".narrow" or ".i" the automatic components builder will those for i and j glyphs (idieresis ...). (#0000126)
      • Feature generator will add code for Dutch ligature iacute_j.loclNLD.
      • Improve the sorting the of accents. (thanks Rob)
      • Fixed some issues with transformation on the background and in copied layers.
      • Make content of glyph.lib from .ufo files available in the robofab scripts.
      • The overlap of components is shown by overlapped drawing. (thanks Rob)
      • Some performance improvements on saving files.
      • Fixed two crashes and some other bugs.

      New in Version 1.3.16

      • Fix a crash on importing .otf or .ttf files.
      • Fixed a bug with transforming specially selected layers. (Thanks @EPaskonis)

      New in Version 1.3.15

      • Some improvements to the kerning panel (thanks claus)
      • added check for glyph names starting with a number.
      • Add a lot CJK characters to the glyph data base.
      • Improve import of CJK fonts.
      • Edit anchor name in place by hitting return with selected anchor.
      • Improve the display of coordinates in the measurement tool
      • Add japanese translation. (Thanks Toshi)
      • Fix a few undorelated bugs. Undo should not stop working so often any more.
      • Fix glyph renaming bug that new glyph would get a ".001" appended even if there was no glyph with the same name.
      • Performance improvements one reading .glyphs files and exporting .otf
      • Some smaller fixed to the Python wrapper.
      • Fixed the help file.
      • Fix crashes.
      • Fix handling of components with the "rename Glyphs" custom parameter. (fix #0000148)
      • Fix some bugs in the python wrapper (fix #0000150)

      New in Version 1.3.14

      • Performance improvements
      • Fix a crash.

      New in Version 1.3.13

      • Improved the Add Extremes function. If the extremes are very near to the curve point no point will be inserted, but the original curve point will be moved instead (thanks claus).
      • The instance preview could decompose components. This was introduced in 1.3.12.
      • Fix the replacement of Glyphs bug where the replaced glyph names would get a ".001" appended.
      • Improved the interpolation with three masters (thanks claus).
      • Fix issue with anchor names that contain a underscore. (thanks andreas)
      • Fix a typo in the Glyph Database: circumflexcomp > circumflexcomb
      • Fix a crash.

      New in Version 1.3.12

      • update the the latest version of the Adobe FDK.
      • Import kerning and kerning groups from .ufo files.
      • Show the label color in the edit view info box and add the option to change label color from the context menu. (thanks andreas)
      • The preview will display changes to the kerning now.
      • Improve the handling of glyphs with upper plane unicodes. (thanks ralf)
      • The preview has option to display white on black and blur. (thanks ralf, claus)
      • The Kerning panel can filter the kerning.
      • Fix interpolation of the spacing for alternative layers (with brackets[]). (thanks jan)
      • Improve the Correct Path Direction. (thanks john)
      • Changes in Font Info > Features will mark the document as dirty and are undoable now.
      • Add automatic generation of the salt feature. This make this ss01 feature available in Illustrator.
      • Improve the export of the kerning feature prevent subtable overflow in some cases. (thanks claus)
      • On .otf import, read more information from the name table.
      • Fix the y-offset field in the Offset Paths filter.
      • Improve the import of .ufos with TrueType curves.
      • languagesystem latn MOL; was missing from the Languagesystems (thanks jan)
      • in Font View list mode, the table columns can be rearranged, now.
      • in Font View list mode, the component column (has to be enabled with right click on the header of the table) shows the components of the glyphs. You can change the components by typing the names.
      • improved the insertion of points into an existing path if a big grid value is selected.
      • Added some improvements to the window state restoration (list icon in tool bar is selected correctly now, Radius and Negative flag is stored for each open tab).

      New in Version 1.3.11

      • Preference to change the size of the handles in the edit view (Preferences.. > User settings).
      • Adjustments and optimizations for the Retina display.
      • New Implementation of the autohinter. Now Glyphs will try to export manually set hints and does not autohint glyphs that have any. Please check your fonts for hints and remove them if you need autohinting for this glyphs. For now there is no hint replacement for manual hints, jet.
      • Removed the FontLab style .ufo export. Use the import/Export macros in FontLab to exchange data.
      • Button to disable kerning in edit view.
      • You can add glyph recipes in Font > Add Glyphs... like: a+diesresis=adieresis or a.sc=A.sc
      • Exported .ufo from masters get a "Italic" name if the italic angle is not 0.
      • Implement the "InterpolationWeightY" for fonts with 3 and 4 masters.
      • Not all generated glyphs get a metrics key any more (only ligatures and numbers).
      • A few more bug fixes.

      New in Version 1.3.10

      • Improved kerning panel. Classes are now in bold text and have an @ prefix (no more MMK_)
      • Added: Open paths are drawn as a line in preview mode.
      • Added: Copy paste of hole features and classes
      • Added: The search field in Font View has a "Match Case" option.
      • Improved: The Offset Curve Filter has now an option to make a stroke outline and set the position of it. (Thanks göran)
      • Added: Now the Offset Curve Filter is available in the Instance "Filter" property. You can use it like this: Filter = "GlyphsFilterOffsetCurve; 20; 30; 1; 0.66"; (GlyphsFilterOffsetCurve; xOffset; yOffset; MakeStroke; Position";)
      • Added: Now the Remove Overlap Filter is available in the Instance "Filter" property. Use is like this Filter = "GlyphsFilterRemoveOverlap;".
      • Improved: The Next/Previous Tab command cycles now form the last to the first.
      • Fixed an issue with annotation that could corrupt the .glyphs file.
      • Fixed: Some smaller issues with the python bridge.
      • Changed some rules for glyph ordering. Glyphs with a suffix like .lf, .tf ... are not considered numbers any more.
      • Fix a rare case where there was a problem with the feature but no error message. (thanks mark)
      • Fix problems on import if there are double encoded glyphs.
      • Fix import on floating point node positions.
      • Fix many more bugs and crashes.

      New in Version 1.3.9

      • Fix Bracket Trick (Bold [100]) causes data loss (#0000122). Please check your files!!
      • fix editing of custom parameters if multiple Masters or instances are selected.
      • Improve handling of anchors in rotated components
      • Smaller bug fixes and improvements

      New in Version 1.3.8

      • The preview area is now centered on the selected glyphs
      • Double clicking a glyph in the preview area selected it in the edit view
      • added: Connect components with lines in "Show master compatibility" (#0000109)
      • Copy paste Masters, Instances and custom parameters (font, master, instance)
      • Add annotation tool. Add text, arrow and other elements.
      • The kerning list in the kerning panel is always expanded.
      • inserting line breaks in the feature panel works now as expected.
      • Fix several redraw bugs (undo (#0000106), change path direction...)
      • Some more fixes for the background layer.
      • The instance preview now shows the alternate interpolation (but not in components)
      • changes in OpenType features are updated in the edit view
      • if you switch to next/previous character with the keyboard shortcut and you have activated a feature it woks more reliable now.
      • fix commaaccent bug in ufo export
      • fix Removing features can break UFO import (#0000103)
      • fix Request: Disable cmd-arrow at higher "Grid Spacing" values (#0000111)
      • fix The cursor was not drawn in some circumstances in text mode
      • fix Glyphs is unresponsive after closing a filter dialog with the close button (#0000121)
      • other small bug fixes

      New in Version 1.3.7

      • Fixed Issue with the display of the masters switch for new edit tabs
      • Fix images will only be displayed in the select tool
      • Fix undo of "Make Component Glyph"
      • Fix editing the background layer (guidelines, transformation)
      • Fix Error message of the feature compiler showed the wrong class
      • Fix selection in the kerning list. Now you can select all
      • Improved ligature naming
      • Improve the locl feature to include more scripts
      • Add Double clicking a missing component badge will add this glyph
      • Fixed some crashes

      New in Version 1.3.6

      • Fix issue with saving in the trial version.

      New in Version 1.3.5

      • New: You can step through the kerning list and then edit view will show the kern pair (before you needed to double klick). Thanks Bas for the tip.
      • Fix issue when deleting or reorder masters.
      • Fix some .ufo issues.
      • Bug fixes.

      New in Version 1.3.4

      • Fix an issue with the new Remove Overlap Filter that was introduced in 1.3.3
      • Fix crash in "Return to last saved version".

      New in Version 1.3.3

      • You now can add more information in the side-bearing fields. Start with an "=", then the glyph name you want to link and then you can add, multiply, divide or subtract a value. (e.g. =n+23). Additionally, you can a | (bar) character (us keyboard: shift+\, german keyboard: opt+7) in front of the glyph name. This uses the opposite side-bearing. So if you put "=|n" in the LSB of the "u", you the the right side-bearing from the "n".
      • There was a problem with saving kerning groups in .ufos (thanks spirit)
      • fixed some more crashes.

      New in Version 1.3.2

      • The temporary tool selection did not work in Lion
      • Fix several crashes.

      New in Version 1.3.1

      • Fix several crashes.

      New in Version 1.3

      • Glyphs is now a 64 bit application. From version 1.3 on it requires an Intel Mac and OS X 10.6 or 10.7
      • fix a several small issues with .ufo import
      • The window restoration in Lion works much better

      New in Version 1.2.2

      • Improve the support for non latin scripts.
      • The scissors tool now cuts the shape.
      • The info box is properly updated
      • Improved startup speed
      • Some bug fixes and improvements

      New in Version 1.2

      • New Font View (only in MacOSX 10.6 and 10.7)
      • the preview area can now display instances
      • Import SVG and EPS files. The File > import expects the files to have the destination glyph names. Or just drag the files in the glyph.
      • The c2sc feature is now correctly added from the feature generator.
      • Now support for Arabic, Devanagari and Thai. Improved features and glyph sets.
      • Features can be updated individually by clicking the arrow in the feature list.
      • Improved Master Compatibility display. The segments are colored now. Green segments are compatible, yellow segments are probably compatible but have a different angle. So if you have a lot yellow segments the start point is probably wrong. Red segments are not compatible at all. For all selected nodes it draws a connection to all other nodes in the other masters.
      • The Master Compatibility display moved from of the Measurement tool move to a menu item in the View menu. So you can activate it while use all tools.
      • Experimental TTF file export. The files will be saved in "~/Application Support/Glyphs/Temp". There is NO hinting at all.
      • The Measurement Tool shows the angle.
      • A lot bug fixes and improvements

      New in Version 1.1.8

      • fix a crash introduced in 1.1.7.
      • fixed a small issue that lead to could corrupt files.

      New in Version 1.1.7

      • Fix a memory leak.

      New in Version 1.1.6

      • Background images are saved now.
      • First beta implementation for Devanagari.

      New in Version 1.1.5

      • Fix a crash in Lion. Sorry for that
      • some smaller improvements.

      New in Version 1.1.4

      • New Eraser and cutter tool.
      • Improved ufo to FontLab export
      • The break path shortcut, introduced in the last version, changed to opt+backspace

      New in Version 1.1.3

      • Cmd+backspace now deletes the selected nodes but breaks the paths. (and fix the delete key behavior)
      • The measurement tool and the Text tool measurement mode show a color overlay for kerning value. Yellow means positive kerning and blue means negative kerning.

      New in Version 1.1.2

      • Fixed some dialogs.
      • Improved the path handling.

      New in Version 1.1.1

      • Align buttons in the transformation panel. It transforms all paths that have at least one node selected.
      • You can keep the Text-Mode measurement line active in Text mode. Press cmd+opt+ctrl+M to toggle it. This may help while doing the spacing.
      • Guidelines now can show the distances of all intersections. Just activate it in the info box. Mostly helpful with global guidelines.
      • There is a new section in the feature panel that holds information that does not fit in the classes of features like custom tables or the languagesystem statements.
      • now the zero feature is generated automatically
      • Rotate (selected) guideline with the mouse
      • The name of the euro sign is now written with only lowercase letters. You might need to rename it to still be available.
      • you can enter the key stroke to the glyph name field. So if you forget how a letter is called, just type it.
      • The draw tool now lets you draw corners in the path, hold the opt key while dragging a curve. The Space key moves the last curve point.
      • Numerous small fixes.

      New in Version 1.1

      • remove the HUD style from dialogs and panels.
      • The edit view nows shows all features.
      • Add a preview area
      • improved the arabic feature generator.
      • change and improve the arabic glyph info definition (this is still a bit work in progress).
      • fix crashes and bug fixes.
      • Test feature code from within the font info panel
      • cleaned up the error messages from .otf export
      • added option to restore the old file saving behavior (disable the new Lion versions feature).

      New in Version 1.0.14

      • Fixed a issue with license validation

      New in Version 1.0.13

      • Bug fixes.
      • Option to test features. In the font infos > Features hit the compile button. If nothing happens, every should be fine.

      New in Version 1.0.11

      • Stability improvements
      • Improved transformation filter

      New in Version 1.0.10

      • Finally fixed the autohinter.
      • Improved the Style linking of exported fonts.

      New in Version 1.0.9

      • A file needed by the autohinter was missing

      New in Version 1.0.8

      • Compatibility and new functionality for Lion.
      • Several improvements of the interface.
      • Bug fixes
      • A button in the Component Info Box adds the linked glyph to the text.
      • Load .afm files to import metrics and kerning.

      New in Version 1.0.7

      • Drag a selection in the font view.
      • Add descriptive names to ssXX features. Just add "Name: This is the Name" to the text field below the feature code. Or add the hole "featureName: {..}" block. Details here.
      • Changed the options for UFO export. If you want to import the font in FontLab, you need to export it. Saving the UFO always saves in the RoboFab format.
      • The revert command works now correctly.
      • some smaller bug fixes and improvements

      New in Version 1.0.6

      • There was a small problem that disturbed the workflow on MacOS 10.5.

      New in Version 1.0.5

      • First preparations for Lion. The full screen mode works.
      • Fixed a crash in the Kerning window.
      • The cursor did not move correctly in the text tool.

      New in Version 1.0.4

      • Temporary font files are stored in ~/Library/Application Support/Glyph/Temp. Files are kept there for 30 days.
      • improve selection and rendering in font grid view.
      • There are now shortcuts for the fit curve panel: opt+ctrl+1–8
      • Changed the handling of user defined glyph names
        • Glyph names in an imported font are change according to a setting in the preferences ("Keep Glyph names from imported files.")
        • Fonts with disabled nice names work much better now.
      • Improved the execution of python scripts. (there are some problems with undo now, some scripts may need some changes.)
      • Changes custom filters are updated.
      • New custom filter to filter for component in glyph.
      • Values in interpolated instances are rounded now (kerning, alignment zones).
      • Improved the automatic placement of anchors for arabic glyphs.
      • Now you can use more than four masters for interpolation.
      • add custom parameter to masters in Font Info (e.g. "postscriptUnderlineThickness, postscriptUnderlinePosition ...")
      • Fix the "Correct Path Direction" command.
      • The .otf export operation can now be canceled. Export should be faster now and use all available CPUs.
      • Fixed a issue with the layer panel (thanks jan).
      • Improved selection behavior of the text tool.
      • Copy paste now copies Text representation (/f_f) for unencoded glyphs.

      New in Version 1.0.3

      • Fix some problems with Test period.
      • Word breaks in the edit view are saved now.
      • Handles are better visible on dark backgrounds.
      • The path of background images was not saved properly in some cases.
      • Zoom out does not jump to minimum zoom factor so easily.

      New in Version 1.0.2

      • Fixed a problem with the license validation. This prevented saving in the trial period.

    Glyphs (com.georgseifert.glyphs) is a Mac software application that has been discovered and submitted by users of Software.com. The latest version that our users have reported running on their systems is Glyphs 606.

    Default Install Path: /Applications/Glyphs.app

    Minimum OS version: 10.5

    Bundle Information: Glyphs 1.1